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One day at a time

Well, I’ve kind of been MIA lately.  I apologize to my insanely amazing readers for that.   I think I just haven’t been able to write the thoughts and feelings I’ve been having.   As I get further into my third trimester, things obviously are getting more real, scary, and there’s that ever so loud reminder in the back of… Read more →

Finding your light

  Lately I’ve been feeling the weight of the world, and the only thing that has been getting me through it, is finding my light.   I look for light every day, the positive vibes from things, smells, food, people.   It’s always there, I just need it a little more lately, and I am more aware of my search for it. … Read more →

Winging it, a First time mom’s guide to motherhood Part One

I’ve been thinking for awhile about sharing my experiences as a first time mom.  Not only a first time mother, but one of a preemie.  Also, one who hasn’t read squat, on the whole motherhood thing.   Sometimes people are too scared to ask questions, or embarrassed, and I just felt like sharing certain obstacles I’ve faced as a new mom,… Read more →

A birthday note to my son

To my son, Thank you.   Thank you for choosing Dadda and me to be your parents.  When “they” say long days and short years is what parenting is all about, they weren’t kidding.   In many ways it feels like eternity ago that you were born and taken away from me minutes later.  In many ways, it feels like yesterday.  But… Read more →