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This new life of mine

This new life of mine, I’m going to let it shine……   Well, my blog posts have gotten a lot less lately, and it’s no wonder, because I have two minis to take care of!  Free time?  Unfortunately, that changes day to day, and when I have it, I’m probably trying to get an exercise in (because that makes me… Read more →

So, so very close

Well my friends, my maternity leave is now REALLY close….I’m not one to date anything this pregnancy, but I’ll just say that, it’s REALLY close.  There were more times that I could remember this pregnancy thinking to myself, “How will I make it that long?”.  Obviously, I want to make it as long as possible pregnancy wise, but I didn’t… Read more →

Finding your light

  Lately I’ve been feeling the weight of the world, and the only thing that has been getting me through it, is finding my light.   I look for light every day, the positive vibes from things, smells, food, people.   It’s always there, I just need it a little more lately, and I am more aware of my search for it. … Read more →