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What makes you, you…

Sometimes, I feel like in America, we stress too much on what you “do”, instead of who you are, in defining ourselves.   We are questioned from practically the time we can speak, into wondering what we will be when we grow up.  Will we be like our parents, will we try something new?  At the end of the day, what… Read more →

Be here now

Don’t let your mind get weary And confused your will be still, don’t try Don’t let your heart get heavy Child, inside you there’s a strength that lies Be here now, be here now….. I’ve had the song “Be here now” by Ray LaMontagne in my head lately.  I think parenthood so far has been a game of wanting to… Read more →

Enjoy the moments

Sometimes, we get so ahead of ourselves preparing for what’s going to happen next, that we don’t enjoy the moments we are in right now.  Personally, a lot of my pregnancy was always looking at what was coming up next, whether it had to do with me, my doctor appointments, or even every day life.  It was exhausting, and I’m… Read more →