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Finding your light

  Lately I’ve been feeling the weight of the world, and the only thing that has been getting me through it, is finding my light.   I look for light every day, the positive vibes from things, smells, food, people.   It’s always there, I just need it a little more lately, and I am more aware of my search for it. … Read more →

A birthday note to my son

To my son, Thank you.   Thank you for choosing Dadda and me to be your parents.  When “they” say long days and short years is what parenting is all about, they weren’t kidding.   In many ways it feels like eternity ago that you were born and taken away from me minutes later.  In many ways, it feels like yesterday.  But… Read more →

All you need is you

As Parker’s first birthday is starting to rear its shocking face, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how you’re never really prepared for most things in life, but you get by, and most of the time even succeed, because all you really need, is you. You.  You are your own personal soldier.  So if you’re like me, and sometimes… Read more →