A new kind of anniversary

Well, like I said in my last post, it’s EXTREMELY difficult to find the time to write these days, but I will from time to time.  Hang in there for me, please.  One day, somewhere over the rainbow of graduating from nursing school, I intend to write A LOT!  Until then, my free time is mostly spent studying.



This weekend, I realized that it had been an entire year since I was on the radio (October 27, 2017).  Sure I’ve been DJ’ing events on the side, but it’s absolutely not the same thing.  Creating an atmosphere of music and a successful party, is a lot different than becoming a “personality”, and keeping listeners engaged through music/and my voice.   Do I miss radio?  A lot.  Any regrets?  Zero.


As I mentioned previously, this new career path had been “brewing” for awhile.  I became very interested in the medical field after I had my first born son prematurely, at 32 weeks.  However, I didn’t have the “right” push to leave my “dream job”, until I became pregnant with my second child, my daughter.   Everything had changed at my current place of employment for me, and my desires in life and at home metamorphosed as well.  It became evident that the best decision for my family and me, was to leave my job and head on down the path for a new one.

Lets be honest, I didn’t get into radio for the money, I got into it for the love.  However, at this stage in the game of life, I really needed to find a new passion I could adore, as well as bring home a decent income.  I have never, ever, ever, wanted to be stressed out at work, just to make a pay check.  Although, I would like to be rewarded at a “normal” rate for my work, while loving it.  Therefore, I sought out this new dream job of mine, to become a nurse.  Something wonderful for my family, me, and a career I could really embrace.

Little things go a long way in my eyes.   A raise when it’s due, employment benefits, heck you name it, I need it as a mother of two, and I deserve it.

But, I can’t help but look at the radio classifieds from time to time.  I really, really miss it.  However, like everything in my life, I will find the time and opportunity to get back into it, when the time is right.  Honestly, it’s DEFINITELY not the right time now.  I can barely stay afloat as it is with taking care of the children, working from time to time, and studying.  It’s a LOT.  Eye on the prize, every. single. day.


For those of you that have listened to me for all of those years, and supported me, I thank you.  I am who I am because of that job, and I am who I am because of the universe, and most importantly, my family.  Today, I’m a “DJ/Yogi” mama, just trying to get by one day at a time, seeking the education and eventually the career, of a very motivated and passionate nurse.


Namaste, and Rock On!

  2 Replies to “A new kind of anniversary”

  1. October 29, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    I love watching your journey unfold, reaching for one star at a time!

  2. John
    October 30, 2018 at 8:42 am

    Lindsay radios loss is nursing’s gain tock on

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