Month: October 2017

All it takes

Sometimes, all it takes is one person, one event, one “thing” to change your entire path, mood, week, etc. For some reason, lately I feel like I’ve been hitting a wall every time I try to take control of my life, and my health.  This pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest one, but again, nothing in my life worth achieving EVER… Read more →

So, so very close

Well my friends, my maternity leave is now REALLY close….I’m not one to date anything this pregnancy, but I’ll just say that, it’s REALLY close.  There were more times that I could remember this pregnancy thinking to myself, “How will I make it that long?”.  Obviously, I want to make it as long as possible pregnancy wise, but I didn’t… Read more →

One day at a time

Well, I’ve kind of been MIA lately.  I apologize to my insanely amazing readers for that.   I think I just haven’t been able to write the thoughts and feelings I’ve been having.   As I get further into my third trimester, things obviously are getting more real, scary, and there’s that ever so loud reminder in the back of… Read more →