Month: August 2015

Be good to yourself

“Be good to yourself when, nobody else will Oh be good to yourself You’re walkin’ a high wire, caught in a cross fire Oh be good to yourself When you can’t give no more They want it all but you gotta say no” I started singing this gem of a tune by Journey to myself tonight, which inspired my blog. … Read more →

To be here, in the now

Don’t let your mind get weary and confused Your will be still, don’t try….. Don’t let your heart get heavy child Inside you there’s a strength that lies….. Don’t let your soul get lonely child It’s only time, it will go by… Don’t look for love in faces, places It’s in you, that’s where you’ll find kindness…. Be here now,… Read more →

Embracing your outlet

I think it’s almost imperative in life, to have an outlet.  Something to distract your brain from the rat race it’s usually navigating through.  Whether it be a hobby, a passion, or just simply getting outside into nature.  The soul needs an escape. When I was little, dance was my outlet.  Through movement, I felt more whole.  Instead of bottling… Read more →