Month: July 2015

All it takes….

Sometimes, all it takes………is one good phone call. In a lifetime of many good phone calls, how come we keep waiting for the “bad” one?  Why do we have so much fear as adults and can’t just accept, that sometimes, everything can be okay. I constantly battle this thought process in my mind, and tell myself that IT’S OK FOR… Read more →

It could always be worse

As I was leaving my acupuncture appointment today and discussing various ailments I’ve dealt with, and are dealing with, my acupuncturist said to me, ” Wow, you’ve been through a lot!”  I replied back, “It could always be worse.” I got into my car and literally talked to myself.  I heard myself say it out loud, my conscious self KNOWS… Read more →

Road trips for the soul

There’s just something about the open road and great tunes that can rejuvenate your soul like no other….. A road trip to New England? Magic to infinity and beyond….. Last week I did something I never do, I took off of work.  Off of WDHA, off of yoga, I needed a little bit of “life”.  I missed my niece and… Read more →

A summer wind…

The summer wind came blowin’ in from across the sea It lingered there, to touch your hair and walk with me… All summer long we sang a song and then we strolled that golden sand… Two sweethearts and the summer wind…. Today I truly felt the shift into the seasons.  My mother and sister have always said that there’s a… Read more →


Did you ever notice how a certain date or anniversary can repeat itself, like history does?  The universe is pretty interesting in that manner, and sometimes everything can happen at once, and then nothing at all….Other times, life can come at you full circle.. In my life, there are many circles …. There is teaching yoga, where the students continue… Read more →