Month: May 2015

Namaste to the Wednesday

It’s a fall like day today, but I suddenly feel a bit of warm summer peace.   My hip has been really, really, good lately…Today it’s causing me a bit of pain, but I’m not feeling defeated.  I’m icing it, taking my vitamins, stretching it, and going to soak in lavender bath salts later for the mind/body to relax.  … Read more →

Eat cake!

Ever since I was born, my mother has made each and every single birthday of mine special.  Through the good years and the bad, she was always the “one” person I could count on to make me feel special.  She’s also the reason I expected so much from birthdays!!! She gave us the most perfect parties, cakes, and love, that… Read more →

My soul mate, my mother

My mother and I have a theory that this isn’t the first life we’ve spent together.  I believe we are kindred spirits that were meant to meet again…….This time though, our family grew. And grew some more…. I love hearing about your childhood, and how you met my biological father….. Sometimes people even say we look like twins…. I love… Read more →

A Sister to Sister Ask Away Friday edition

My sister Tamara Bowman and I have the same morals, values, and the same heart, but we are very different souls, leading very different lives.  While my sister Tamara is a wonderful mother of two, professional photographer/cookie taster living in Western Massachusetts, I am a newly married fitness guru/DJ/yogi residing in Northern NJ. I had tons of questions for Tamara… Read more →